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I don't think you guys understand how bad I missed your posts! I've had many naughty thoughts about the boys floating in my head! - Anonymous

Well we are back and ready to go. We’ve had no confessions as of yet, but I shall keep checking. :D 


So recently, I’ve been back packing around the world and visited some amazing places and enjoyed the hell out of it. But I thought I’d update you and tell you that I am back! I am ready and willing to go with your confessions. I know this blog has been inactive for a couple of months but obviously with the back packing it made it hard. 

Hopefully my loyal followers and GAC family will still be here and able to push us into the community like we were. 

I have missed running the blog for you guys so much and I am so ready to get back into it and start talking to old people and even new people. 

So come on guys. Give me some confessions!!!! :

Hey my lovelies! ^__^

Okay, So you know I’ve been busy with school and stuff, in the last month I’ve had 7 exams and 4 deadline dates so this has been difficult to juggle with all that but I am so happy to log in and see/feel the love! 

Thank you to all the people who have sent words of encouragement and overall lovely messages!

I have been doing confessions and they are ready to post! 

I am going to post some things today! I promise! 

Oh and Happy Birthday to our main man Zak Bagans! :D! <3 

tbf i know how stressful university is. There are people out there who haven't experience that hectic lifestyle the late nights and early mornings making sure you have everything you need the deadlines. Everything is just heightened and your stress levels are already high. You don't need to make them even more higher worrying about this blog. The followers who really love this blog and support you will still be here when you log back in. Thats all that counts is the followers who love you truly.

Aw thank you! I am so happy someone knows how much stress it is to be in university. I have literally been staying up all night doing essays and going straight from writing essays and leaving the house in the morning to get to my early lectures and not sleeping… I have literally been awake over then 24 hours some days.. So I am just feeling the stress and with me not sleeping is making it more over whelming. But thank you for your kind words. I am glad someone out there has my back, I love you anon! <3

Fuck other people's opinions. Do what you think is best if that means you missing a couple of days out of the blog who's business is it. Your school work is more important this a blog. Ignore the haters your doing a fantastic job.

Thank you, This made me really smile, It’s just what I needed! <3

Ignore the hate and the haters! You do a fantastic job running this blog! I understand that you are in school full time and I am patient enough to wait until you can post things! - Keep your head up and focus on what's important and everything else can wait. - I love this blog and thank you for taking your time to run it for us! x

Thank you Anon! I just don’t want people thinking i’m just slacking or something, but thank you for your kind words, it made me smile and feel very happy! <3

Guys… :/

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t been on much this week.. But I’m not really liking coming on finding there’s hate from people asking why I am not doing anything.

guys you have to understand that i am full time in university, which costs me money… and I need to make that my priority when it needs to be. I have to put my future first. As much as I love running this blog for you guys and I love how successful we are.. I need to focus sometimes on my lecturers and my essays..

I just don’t want people sending me hate for trying to focus on my future.. I did put an announcement out saying I would post confessions no later than by friday.. I have had some anon hate and also some hate which have been left with blog names.. :/

I just want to make sure you understand 100% that I need to sometimes focus on my future, other than the blog. I’m not going to shut it down or anything but there maybe sometimes where i don’ update as much as usual.. but I won’t ever just shut up shop without telling you guys a reason?

Hey guys..

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting confessions much, I have mid term exams all week, they start on wednesday so i have been revising and stuff! They should be done by friday. I am so sorry I haven’t got any out there I have just been so busy!

I hope to post some asap before friday if possible if not i’ll try to get some out ASAP.

I have been so stressed recently I just hope you understand <3

Lack of confessions….

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting confessions in the last day or two, my university work is piling up and I am struggling to juggle the two, i have some confessions ready to post so i shall do them tonight, if not.. i’ll deffo post some tomorrow for you guys. <3 

'I have this weird thought about Zak, that if he were to get intimate with you. He'd be shy. Like when he takes his shirt off he'd try and hide himself a little bit and you'd have to tell him not to be shy around you.'

'I have this weird thought about Zak, that if he were to get intimate with you. He'd be shy. Like when he takes his shirt off he'd try and hide himself a little bit and you'd have to tell him not to be shy around you.'